Adventure games benefits

Even though many people wouldn’t agree, playing games are actually very beneficial, especially if you choose right game for yourself. Developing functions of the brain is the main benefit above all.  Of course including cases where game players are not spending every single second of the day staring at the computer. There are some general benefits for which most of the game playing world members would agree.

Making faster decisions

Often areas you may find in adventure games are the once which require from you to make fast decisions. When this is constantly it becomes a nature function of your brain. To solve some problems and complete levels you have to think three steps ahead and use all possible logic. It showed to be of great help for children in adult age using their logic and exactness with the ability to think outside of the box.

Improves multitasking skills

The conclusion is made by many studies that the more person plays games more likely he is improving his multitasking skills. Keeping target on the screen, responding to lights, listening to radio communication and monitoring more areas at a time are usual things required, and they result in high performance of brain skills. Reading maps is the usual content of mystery and adventure games which benefits a lot in real life also.

Overcoming dyslexia

Though dyslexia doesn’t affect the general intelligence of a person, it affects by reducing brain’s ability to read and learn symbols and in most cases is a result of problems in visual attention. When you play adventure or action games, it makes you focus attention more efficiently to extract relevant information of a written word more rapidly. Fundamental tasks involve the need for crossmodal attention ( the distribution of attention to different senses), and by gaming, it is improved within many people with dyslexia. The result is they learn to shift their attention with greater ease. It is believed and proved that more and more video games are training brain parts responsible for attention and motion perception.

Improves concentration

focusFocusing your brain on performing difficult tasks will require higher levels of concentration. Studies found that adventure games can stimulate neurogenesis which means growing of new neurons. As a result of thicker and better neuron connectivity brain areas are upgraded to higher intelligence, consciousness, strategic planning and memory formation. All these developments made easier to game players to concentrate on requested higher levels in particular game tasks.

Reduces impulsiveness and stress

Means that a person playing adventure games will less respond to the non target stimulus. Rather person will learn to respond to the exact stimulus when it’s needed. Playing may also reduce the level of depression and stress. And not only is concluded that gaming helps to reduce your stress it is used as a form of therapy today for people who suffer from wide range mental health issues. It is discovered that gaming is significantly reducing levels of stress hormone cortisol.