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In an idyllic, nuclear-family-esque situations, Link plays away his childhood in front of the TV in his room as he mother calls out to him from downstairs. What is she yelling to Link?

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The Best of the Bunch! (In order of hilarity)

Mom: "Link,I thought you were studying history!"
Link: "I am Mom!The computers broken, so this is my only Link to the Past!"

The Submissions

Link: "Mom, Iím going to have to do it to progress in the game . . ."
Mom: "I donít care, Link! You are NOT talking to that pirate girl. She's a bad influence on my baby!"

John Parks
Link: So THIS is what my grandma has been hiding behind the family shield...fascinating.
Grandmother: Honey? Didn't I tell you to NOT touch the one pleasure in Grammy's life that involves a silver lunchbox? You better not, or else I'll have you put in a sequel! And this time, you will be TOUCHED by adults and children alike!
Link: ....Crazy Grandma.
Following that day, Phantom Hourglass starts going into development.

Mom: I've told you a thousand times.. play that game too much and you'll turn cel-shaded yourself!

The ultimate Zeldafan!
Mum: Come on down, Link!
Link: But *sniff* but they hate me!
Mum: Nonsence, Where'd you hear that?
Link: *Sniff* on the forums...they say they want the "realistic" Link...not the *sniff* cel-shadedness...*sniff*
Mum: Well, can't argue with that...
Link: *starts crying*

Mom: Link, stop playing with yourself!
Link: Aw hold on this temple is almost done!
Mom: ...That's it I'm going to therapy.

Link's mom: Link, stop playing with yourself.
Link: Well, technically, I'm controlling myself on the screen. If you want to call it "playing", then there was that time with Dark Link..... although-
Link's mom: I dont care! Now, get off that playstation, or whatever!
Link: IT'S NOT A PLAYSTATION!!!!! *sigh*, and I was just getting to the good part where the bird kidnaps my sister.....

Mom: oh linky-
Link: *mutters under breath: i hate it when she calls me that...
Mom: - you aunty is here and wants a smoochy woochy!!!
Link: *still under breath* why does she still act like i'm 2. i mean, gosh....

Mom: link, come down, now. zeld-I mean tetra and tingle are here!
LInk: cool, I'll be down after I encounter them IC!

Mom: Johnny? Are you up there?
Johnny: No, ma, I'm right here.
Mom: Arg! That street-urchin orphan boy Link snuck in and is playing your gamecube again!

Mom: LINK!!!!! Just how damn long are you planning to play on that...that..."Gamesquare" system thing.
Link: Ugghh!! Mom for the 10th's called a "Gamecube". Sheesh!! Where have you been for the past month?!
Link: And if I did...
Mom: Oh young man, if you don't put down that stupid..."Gamecubicle" controller or whatever you kids call it and come down this instant by the time I count to 3, I don't think a certain boy would receive that 'Twilight Princess' game I've heard him wanting so much since last year...
Link: *Gasp* How did she know?!
Mom: 1...2...
Link: DAMN IT MOM...I'M COMING, I'M COMING. Geez, just shut up already
Mom: That's it young man...I've had it with you sassiness. You can forget about that 'Twilight Princess' and forget about even touching the Master Sword at all.
Link: AHHHHH!! *navi*
Mom: *Gasp* I am telling your father about this when he gets back from work!!
Link: I have a father?
Mom: Of course you do! You just never bother to come out of your room ever since that so-called "Wind-awaker" came out 3 years ago.

Mom: Link, are you still playing that little Robin Hood game?
Link: Mom, no! I think it's actually a black hole to a different land! It's great; Grandma's even in it!
Mom: Oh? Well what did you name your little character?
Link: ZELDA, of course. I wanted to start the second quest right away! At least it says that happens in this little game manual next to ... "The Legend of Zelda - only for the NES". Awe, crap... Oh well, everyone always thinks my name's Zelda, anyway, I'll just go along with it.

Ryan Gibson
Mom: Link, help! Ganondorf is kidnapping me!
Link: Aw, c'mon, Mom! Can't you wait until I get the sword!?

Mum: Link, It's time for your tea!
Link: Awww, but mum, I'm playing me...
Mum: Don't be silly...
Link: Come Look!


Mum:Look, it's Grandma, she nitted you a tunic-
Link: Oh now look at what you made her do!
Mum: What?
Link: You made me wear it!

Farore's Fire
Mom: Link! Come down for dinner! I would go up to give it to you, but everyone knows you as an orphan, and I technically don't exist.... so get down here now!!

Mom: If you play that game for one more minute, you will become that character!

Jonathan Hopkins
Mom: Link, close the door if you're gonna play with yourself!

Christine F.
Mom: Link, There's someone at the door for you! He say's his name is Ganondorf and he wants his game back!
Link: ....!?

Mom: Link! Your playdate is here!!
Link: Send em in!

Mom: If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times! Stop playing with yourself!

Blue Canary in the Outlet by the Light Switch
Mom: No video games until you've saved the world like I told you to, young man!

Mom: Quit playing as yourself on that game, dangit! You created another black hole in the living room! *Studio Audience laughs*

Mom: Liiiiinnnnnk, get the crap down here!!!!!! It's time for my sponge bath!!!!!!

Master Goron
Mom: Link, stop playing with yourself and fetch my chu jelly!

Mother: LINK! Come down here, it's time for dinner!
Link: But Mother, if I come down at this very moment in time, I will have left this area halfway completed, thereby making me forget exactly what I need to do to progress further into the game, having serious repercussions in the near future.
Mother: ......You can talk!? And all this time your Father and I thought you were stupid...

Mom: It's time for your ringworm medicine!

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