Chronicle of Hyrulian history

The land of Hyrule has seen many ages since its genesis eons ago. It has seen Kingdoms rise and fall, great wars and strife cause suffering, destined heroes defeat mighty evils and other events that would take volumes to detail in full. As part of the Compendium, the Chronicles contain a vast illustration of the times and events that have shaped the land of Hyrule since the Creation. From the very beginning, with the creation of the world, to the Imprisoning War, Cataclysm Eve, and all the way up to the Great Flood and beyond, the Chronicles is your definitive source for the chronology of the Zelda Series.

Hyrule is a legendary land, blessed with tall mountains, dense forests, clean streams and wide meadows. Great cities lie across this land, and many different peoples and races feel that Hyrule is their home. Kingdom of Hyrule has a long history, spanning millennia, which encompasses great and lengthy wars, iconic kings and heroes and evil villains. This is a magical country, inhabited by various magical beings.

zeldaWe can only begin to tell you about the history of Hyrule, about the Ancient Battle or the Battle of the Sacred Realm. Then came the War of the Bound Chest, followed by the massacres of the Hyrulean Civil War. Many more conflicts plagued this beautiful country, and it took a while for periods of peace to stabilize the order of the King.

Chronicles will not only provide information about the political history of Hyrule, here you will be able to learn how the Hyrulean society was structured. Also, you will learn about the most significant gods and other deities, about the major temples and cities. Furthermore, you can see how the government was organized and how the military shaped the events in the land of Hyrule. Finally, the Chronicles also contain information about the economy, technology and social order in the cities across this magical land, and many chapters which describe the geography of Hyrule.

If you want to know more about the rich history of Hyrule, the best starting point are certainly the Chronicles.